Drug overdoses kill about 44,000 people in the US every year, and more than 6,000 are sent to the emergency room for drug use. What’s more concerning is that about 90% of people suffering from substance abuse don’t receive treatment. With such a desperate need for solutions, it’s vital to act. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, admission into an alcohol detox center in Phoenix, AZ is the first step towards lasting alcohol addiction recovery.

Why You Need to Detox at a Rehab  

Statistics reveal that alcoholism is the leading cause of about 18% of all rehab admissions. Doctors do not recommend trying to quit alcohol through your willpower or by going “cold turkey” without medication. Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, so going.   Detox is not a treatment on its own. It’s the first step to recovery for people suffering from alcoholism. When a person who is dependent on alcohol stops drinking, they start to develop withdrawal symptoms.    After successful alcohol detoxification, admission into an inpatient alcohol rehab center in Phoenix, AZ is the next step towards lasting recovery from your alcohol addiction. An alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ provides comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders contributing to drug addiction. Health care professionals will ease your symptoms through medication and talk therapy. The signs will typically last for a week, but you’ll begin to get better after that period. Any preexisting conditions will also be addressed at rehab.  Detox entails an intake exam, medical support, and therapy to break the addiction.  

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

After successful detoxification, admission into a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ is the next step towards lasting drug addiction recovery. Dual diagnosis addiction treatment at an alcohol rehab center in Phoenix, AZ treats both the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction, in addition to the underlying mental health disorders fueling your addiction. Through dual diagnosis addiction treatment, you will address relapse triggers and develop valuable coping skills, so you can overcome the urge to abuse drugs and alcohol in times of trauma.

Choosing the Best Alcohol Rehab Center

Create a list of all your needs. For example, if you’re suffering from a mental or medical condition, you’ll want treatment for that too. An inpatient program is suitable if you’ve been struggling with environmental triggers or lack a strong support network.   Look at the quality of the facility, the programs they offer, and cost. Ideally, choose a licensed rehab center with a high success rate and trained staff. For assurance, ask the facility different questions, such as: 
  • What types of insurance do they accept?
  • Are their staff members trained and licensed?
  • Can they provide a sample of their treatment plan?
  • Do they offer medical and counseling services?
  • What do they do to prevent relapse?
  • Do they have an aftercare program? 
An alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ provides comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services offered at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ include:

Recovery After Rehab  

For recovery to be successful, you must maintain sobriety for the rest of your life. After you leave the alcohol rehab treatment center in Phoenix, you’ll need an aftercare plan. This could include mentoring and support from a peer community or alumni program.   Healthcare professionals recommend program graduates to join the alumni programs. This way, you’ll be actively involved in the recovery community for many years to come. A good rehab encourages ongoing sessions for recovering alcoholics to take accountability for their actions.  All in all, addiction should not take control of your life. Full recovery is achievable at an alcohol rehab center; you’ll benefit from medical detox and a variety of other talk therapies. A sober life is within reach.