alcohol addiction treatment centerUncategorizedLearn about the dangers of mixing alcohol and Xanax and overcome alcohol addiction at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ.
Mixing drugs, such as alcohol and Xanax, is hazardous as it can lead to death. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there has been a spike in deaths caused by drug overdose in recent times, and 68% of these deaths involve prescription drugs. The effects of prescription drugs are exacerbated when mixing with alcohol. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol and mixes alcohol and Xanax, admission into an alcohol detox treatment center in Phoenix, AZ is the first step towards lasting alcohol addiction recovery.

Why It’s Dangerous to Mix Alcohol and Xanax

In 2017, more than 70,000 people died as a result of a prescription medication overdose, and 30% of these deaths involved benzodiazepines, such as Xanax. Xanax has a high potential of abuse, but it’s relatively safe to use, and you cannot overdose on it alone. However, when you mix Xanax and alcohol, you can experience severe side effects, some of which are fatal.  Xanax is available over-the-counter as a prescription medication for treating panic disorder and anxiety. It’s also used to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms that you may be facing if you’re a recovering alcoholic. Xanax achieves this by slowing down activity in the central nervous system, which consequently produces a calming effect.  Likewise, alcohol is a depressant. This is why the warning label on Xanax cautions against using it in combination with alcohol or other non-prescription drugs. Both drugs intensify the effect of each other, thus increasing the potency of the mixture. The result can be death.  There are many side effects of mixing alcohol and Xanax, including: 
  • Excessive sedation
  • Respiratory depression
  • Cardiac problems
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Dangerous accidents 
The dangers of mixing alcohol and Xanax should not be taken lightly, even if you take Xanax as prescribed and are a responsible drinker. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

An alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ provides comprehensive dual diagnosis alcohol addiction treatment for both the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction and the co-occurring underlying mental health disorders contributing to your alcohol addiction. Upon your admission into an alcohol addiction treatment program in Phoenix, AZ the addiction treatment staff will compile a personalized alcohol addiction treatment program based on your unique mental health needs. Dual diagnosis alcohol addiction treatment helps you to identify the addictive behaviors that led to your unhealthy addiction and develop healthier routines and valuable coping skills to resist the urge to abuse alcohol in times of trauma. Alcohol rehab treatment programs in Phoenix, AZ  include: The good news is that alcohol and Xanax addiction can be treated successfully, similar to other chronic illnesses. You’ll get a personalized treatment plan for overcoming addiction and repairing the disruptive effects of drug abuse on your brain. As such, you’ll regain control of your life. 

Get on the Path to Recovery Today

Alcohol amplifies the effects of Xanax and vice versa. The dangers of mixing alcohol and Xanax are real; the combination is not safe at any dose. If you’re using Xanax, seek medical advice from an alcohol rehab center in Phoenix, AZ, for additional information about how the two drugs interact.  Typically, people who abuse Xanax often abuse this prescription medication together with other drugs, especially alcohol. Due to the mechanisms of both drugs, the combination can cause severe short and long term side effects.  Don’t let an addiction to alcohol and Xanax ruin your life. You can overcome by going to a rehab center for detox and therapy. There are plenty of therapy programs to choose from, and the right rehab center will customize a plan for you. Sobriety is a lifelong choice, but it’s achievable with the right attitude and support system.

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