The digital age has countless innovations in addiction medication, psychotherapy, and behavioral health modification. However, alcohol abuse is still the third-leading cause of preventable deaths in the US. It’s vital to get alcohol addiction treatment before it’s too late. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, admission into an alcohol addiction treatment program in Phoenix, AZ provides the comprehensive dual diagnosis alcohol addiction treatment necessary for lasting alcohol addiction recovery.

Alcohol Detox Treatment

Admission into an alcohol detox treatment center in Phoenix, AZ is the first step towards overcoming alcohol addiction. An alcohol detox center provides round the clock treatment to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the detox process. An alcohol detox treatment center also helps you manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms, so you can build the foundation for lasting alcohol addiction recovery.

Why Rehab Is Important

Studies reveal that people who seek professional help to overcome alcoholism are more likely to maintain sobriety than those who handle the condition on their own. About 60% of people who seek help achieve three years of sobriety. But more than 60% of those who make it past three years are capable of avoiding relapse for up to 16 years after therapy.   Rehab is also crucial as alcohol withdrawal is dangerous, even fatal. About 6% of people who don’t attend an alcohol addiction treatment program in Phoenix are unable to detox on their own and face serious consequences. The seizures associated with withdrawal may lead to death if you do not receive medical treatment promptly.  

Customized Treatment Programs

The best treatment is personalized care that focuses on meeting the needs of individuals. A general program that similarly treats everyone’s case may not encourage some individuals to complete the rehab. Upon your admission into an alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix, AZ the addiction treatment staff will conduct a personalized mental health assessment to determine the unique mental health disorders contributing to your alcohol addiction. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services include: Medical detox treats the physical aspects of alcoholism, but psychotherapy aims to understand and manage the addiction. The combination enables a person who is recovering from alcoholism to identify drinking triggers quickly. As such, the person can then formulate strategies and implement alternative responses to prevent a relapse.   In many cases, alcohol dependence co-occurs with other mental disorders, which can either precede or result from alcoholism. If this is your case, look for an alcohol detox center in Phoenix, AZ that offers treatment for the co-occurring or underlying psychological problem.  

Maintaining Sobriety After an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program 

Perhaps this is the best way to choose a rehab program. The ability of a program to provide participants with tools and strategies to prevent relapse speaks volumes about its efficiency. The techniques are taught during rehab and afterward, through the sharing of resources.   Motivational interviewing entails a phone call follow-up that the rehab facility makes to check the participants’ progress. This way, the rehab can remind individuals of the commitments they made so that they can avoid relapsing.   Introducing family members or friends to fellowship programs and peer support groups also provides regular motivation, in addition to the help that you’ll receive from an alcohol addiction treatment program in Phoenix, AZ.  Don’t let addiction control your life when you can receive the help you need at the best alcohol addiction treatment center in Phoenix. Overcome alcohol addiction at a facility that focuses on individualized care and research-based practices. When you enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment program and complete rehab, you’ll successfully transition into a sober life.